Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sama w domu / Home alone

Co robi Lollipop, kiedy zostaje sama w domu... *^v^*
What Lollipop does when she stays home alone... *^v^*

"I'm going to read a bit."

"Oh, it's boooring...."
"Maybe I'll eat an apple, I stole it from the Redhead."
"She might wash the windows, you cannot see the world outside!"
"Oh, she went shopping. She promised to buy a special sponge for cleaning the dolls, I could really use some Spring cleaning and a blush, how can you live without the colours on your body?"
"She should stop playing with those two other new dolls, she paints them and makes clothes for them. And what about me?!"
"And she keeps saying about buying more dolls! Good she doesn't have any money now, she should buy me some new shoes or something..."
"But I think her conscience finally bit her, she took off me that red dress, took some measurements and drawn a new pattern."
"She even started to cut some fabric, I wonder if it suits me..."
"I'll go and check on the progress, she even bought some flowers for decorating the hat, great! "


Jadwigo, w cydrze oczywiście sa procenty, bo to produkt fermentacji czyli wino, czy to wersja sklepowa czy domowej roboty. ~^^~ A szarlotkę popijałyśmy greckim winem półsłodkim, cydr został wypity do ostatniej kropelki przy innej okazji i w innym towarzystwie.


  1. Awww, Lollipop is feeling neglected. She may be bored but she looks good while she is bored :)

  2. Co za skrawek, uwielbiam takie wzory i kolory. na miejscu Rori zwędziłabym cały kupon, ukryła dobrze, a potem rozkoszowała się nim w samotności...