Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dear English speaking Readers!

Are you there?
I mean, should I continue to write my blog in English? Because it takes time. It is a great practice for me, but really - it takes time.
So, if there's nobody there reading my post in English, I could use this time to make another dollfie's dress. Or knit a sweater.

Please say something! ~^^~


  1. I do read here still, but can also read equally well in polish so its up to you... if its a time saver then go for it!

  2. I stop by from time to time to check for reenactment-related posts, but it has been a while now... miss them!

  3. I still read your blog...for a few years now. I enjoy the knitting, cat and travel/scenic photo posts a lot.

  4. I just figured out how to follow my blogs on my iPad so I am back catching up. Please don't stop ....