Sunday, December 16, 2007

Books that keep me going

Thank you for your comments on my two cardis, I'm planning to wear the TYC for Christmas supper with my families (three visits in one evening, like every year, yeah...) with brown velvet skirt and orange blouse, I think it'll fit perfectly! *^v^*
Still haven't decided on the next project, but I have some vague ideas, Tudora from the Winter Knitty might be just the one! ^^

100 Day Challenge - day 27
It's already 27 days into my hard work into manifesting all those things that I want in my life, yikes! *^v^*

Today I'd like to share with you two books that I've fished out recently from my vast book collection and decided to read again (I bought them some years ago), I think they are good readings on my 100 Day Challenge path right now.
The first one is Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life by Thich Nhat Hanh. It's all about slowing down, breathing and being right here right now, expressed in simple words that will appeal and get to everybody. I might try to remember this in the rush of my everyday life, when I usually do two or three things at a time - and I don't have to, I have time for everything and the ability in me to devote a separate piece of my time and attention to every activity I perform.
The second book is by a Polish psychologist Anna Dodziuk called "Pokochac siebie i zaczac zyc inaczej" ("Love yourself and start living a different life"). She writes about how from the moment we were born we've been programmed to behave in certain ways by other people (parents, friends, ect), and that we must get rid of all those ideas and start programming our minds to think differently about ourselves, which of course leads to a whole different way of living. (If you cannot read this book in Polish, I recommend the works of Sonia Choquette, she teaches the similar ideas!)

And some of my latest art journal pages:

I was still ill while creating this page.

I made the first batch of gingerbread cakes two weeks ago and they disappeared almost completely, so I prepared a new dough today, baking during the week! *^v^*
(These ones are from the magazine, mine were simpler.)

This page was inspired by the fact that there are two girls in our friends' group that do not like each other. I'm closer with one of them and she talked a lot of bad things about the other, and then I started to get to know her and she's nice. You would have thought it was a kindergarten, while we all are around 30-ties!... ^^
So, well, you know, I thought that it's better to have our own opinions about people than to listen to some badmouthing!

This is the experiment with unusual media (at least for me! ^^) - page painted with coffee and covered with beeswax.

Tomorrow I'll show you my drawing experiments! *^v^*

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  1. mmmm pierniczki....smakolyki!! I bought several packets of them for chrsitmas and some new ones stuffed with apricots, morele, and some with powidla...I am looking forward to eating those. Off tomorrow to a bakery to get our makowiec and the sledzie - we buy them ready made. Best thing about this time of year is eating some of those lovely things.