Thursday, December 06, 2007

Feeling a bit better

Have you seen a new Winter Knitty? *^v^*

My favourites:
Ice Queen - gorgeous!
Three Tams - I might knit more hats in the near future, it seems that my head must be protected from the cold.
Tudora - stylish accessory for your neck.
Halcyon - I like it on the first photo, with some black dress at a party.
Dahlia - cute and girlie. ^^
Aoife - that's pretty but why is it so huge on the model?... It looks at least three sizes too big, I'd make it tighter.
Toirneach kilt hose - nice ones, although I lost my love for the socks some time ago. Hope it'll come back some day! ^^
Jeanie - interesting shawl.

So, quite a lot of favourites. I must finish my TYC (not much to knit, I really want to do it this weekend and finally wear it!), and then I might choose some quick project after the cardigan that takes more time.

Now, I scanned my pencil drawings yesterday so let me proudly present some of my favourite ones (the rest is on my Flickr, there are too many to pack them all here). They were created in the years 1990 - 1995, and then I gradually stopped drawing, I don't know why (I have some pieces that have never been finished).
And they are weird, strange things were happening in my head at that time! *^v^*

Enjoy and let me know what you think! *^v^*


  1. Great drawings!

    May I ask; were you near the end of puberty?
    To answer your question: my boyfriend, me, and another friend went to see some castles with some real-estate-people but considering all that had to be done we didn't bought one... yet. We're building up 'capital' right now, so, in about ten years we go again!
    See ya later (I'll check out flickr for the rest of these...)


  2. I like the frog, but all of them are very interesting! Thanks for the reminder about knitty, lots of lovely stuff but nothing but the orange gloves that makes me want to knit any more than I allready do! hehehe. knitted a bit infront of a movie tonight, that darn sleeve will never be finished. :-)

  3. those are wonderful! So creative!! i love when people just draw what's on their mind-that's when the best and most interesting stuff comes out!!