Monday, December 31, 2007

Just when you thought...

that I gave up knitting - here it is - a new piece of knitting on my needles! *^v^*

Well, it's already off my needles (a very quick knit, only about 4 hours!), but I still need to knit a thumb and of course, a matching companion.
It's a DROPS pattern, made from the various yarns from my stash (I don't think you can see this but there is black and dark khaki there), and I think I'll make more of them (not necessarily the same pattern), because they are good stash busters and look cute! I want to often change my wristwarmers this Winter! *^v^*

BTW, Krissie, my cat's name is Barbi and she's a girl. ^^

Now, some more pages from my Yuletime Journal.

Tomorrow will be a brand new year - which means new resolutions, new beginnings, new journals, new projects, all so very new. Have you already decided upon your new year's plans and decisions?
I wish all my Dear Readers a happy fulfilling creative New Year 2008! =^v^=

And now I must do some cleaning around the flat because we are meeting our friends tonight at our place. What are you doing this last night of the old 2007? ^^


  1. special message for you and others on myblog today.

  2. Happy new year! I will go and see the Diving Bell and the Butterfly, clean out the fridge, and spend some quality time with my husband. And eat mussels in fennel sauce! (Not traditionally Canadian!)

  3. Your warmers look lovely. I have yet to do any colorwork like that in my knitting but i love looking at it. maybe i will finally try it in 2008.
    have a wonderful time bringing in the new year with your friends.
    We arent doing much tonight but it's th first year that my son will be "trying" to stay up until midnight. we will see if he can either way we will wake him up for midnite hugs and kisses.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Very pretty mitts! Happy new year to you too!