Monday, April 09, 2007

Look at its smiling face!

It's all mine, mine, mine! *^v^*
(Okay, it's ours, mine and Robert's.^^)

As of Friday evening we own this beauty! And it wouldn't be anything unusual, because people sell and buy cars every day, but this one is special - because it's a Volvo.
As long as I remember (since I was a teenager, I think) I always wanted to have a Volvo. I wasn't impressed with any other cars (till the moment I found out about the Dodge Ram, yummy!...), I didn't like sport models, I didn't like big luxurious cars, I didn't care for small eco town cars, I knew that my destiny was to drive a Volvo one day. And that day arrived! ^^
I always portrayed myself in a 700 something or 900 something model, but we finally bought the 850 (which was also acceptable, anything below or above those three models could not exist for me). I wanted this beautiful rectangular lines, I wanted the spaciousness of the interior, I wanted the safety of travelling it could give me. We found it via the on-line auction of a car dealer and went to have a look at it on Friday evening.
When we were approaching the dealer's gate and he was coming towards us from the back garden in this car I just knew it was our car. Then we checked the car in and out, went to the garage to make different tests (which turned out very good), and all the time I was asking it "tell me, show me, what you feel about our relationship, let me know that you are a good choice for us", and all the time I had a really positive response, it's hard to explain but it felt okay. ^^
So, this and the fact that the car was in a very good condition both mechanically and visually decided on the final purchase. Of course it's not a new car so some flaws can surface sooner or later, but I'm really happy with the value we got for the money asked for it. For now I've been enjoying the comfort of driving similar to the one we experienced some years ago when we had a Ford Scorpio (but this time it's even better - it has an automatic gear box and heated seats!). All we need now are the new Swedish and Norwegian moose stickers on the rear window ^^ (the ones we had from the previous visits to Scandinavia went down with Mazda).
And, it's a Volvo! *^v^*

From the crafts front: Helene, I finished your "Burgundian Dance" tapestry, I'm waiting for your address! I've been also doing some knitting and embroidery, but not much as we were visiting our families and eating like crazy (Easter in Poland is mostly about eating, you know...), so I was too lazy to do any serious crafting this weekend.
I'm also a bit stuck with weaving - I didn't have enough yarn to start the blue-green fabric (I'm waiting for the new supply which should arrive later this week), so I started to prepare the warp for the brown-reddish fabric and it turned out that I didn't have enough yarn either (grrrr....) . So, unfortunately weaving is on hold till I get the new tangle supply.

Other news: I got a Summer Collection catalogue of Gudrun Sjoden's fashion (I know, about two weeks after I got her Spring catalogue, strange...) and - surprise, surprise - I don't like the clothes like... at all... Maybe one or two models did catch my attention, but it's not like the Spring clothes - "give me every piece you've got!". I don't know, maybe she prepared those two collections together and burnt out with the Spring one? Some models are really very similar in cut to the ones from last year, well... I'm very disappointed, but since I wasn't going to buy anything, just to draw some inspiration, I'll just keep looking through the previous catalogues. ^^


  1. car is beautiful!! How fun to get the almost car you dreamed of - but at least the same company (which is the most important part)

    Our Easter was good - we did get time to make some horseradish for Easter and had our hard boiled eggs with dollops of horseradish on it. And fresh kielbasa and smoked kielbasa and ham and asparagus and twice baked potato and cheesecake for dessert -- so you are right the holiday is ALL about food. LOL

    The horseradish had a good kick this year at least -- the past few it was more mild - this year it cleared your sinuses out. :D

  2. Congrats on the new car! Have fun!