Wednesday, April 04, 2007

People in Poland do not worship God,

they worship Food.
I've just come back from the grocery shopping and I'm exhausted... I've been trying to maneuver among millions of people running around the shop with crazy eyes, stuffing their carts with more and more packets, bottles, cans, bags, ect ect, and then I had to stay in a 40 minute queue to pay for my shopping, and it's only Wednesday!... What will be happening in the shops on Friday and Saturday, just before the Easter holidays?!...
I won't know because I'm not coming back there until next week!

I completely changed my naalbinded shawl I've been making. It's not shawl anymore! *^v^*

I thought that now when I can weave myself a proper shawl, I won't be finishing this one. And let's be honest, the naalbinded one wasn't a success - I couldn't keep the number of the stitches even in every row so starting with 80 stitches it was shrinking in width, then I tried to add the stitches but it didn't look good.

As you may remember, I even cut off part of the shawl and made a pouch out of it (look, I have a designer set! *^v^*), but last night I turned what was left of it into a bag - I stitched the sides, naalbinded the long handle and added a string and a wooden button to fasten it. The bag went into the washing machine and I fulled it in 90 degrees. Even after felting it's very roomy and I can stuff many things in there! ^^
(it seems that naalbinding doesn't shrink much while fulled because, unlike knitting, the separate stitches are rather close to each other and tight from the beginning, so there isn't much room for more shrinking)

I'm going to use this bag as my craft bag for medieval events (to keep the needle case, the tablets or the heddle, the lucet and whatever project I'll have with me at the Viking markets).

This evening we are having a girls-only Oriental evening at my place (me and my friends Anna and Kate), so now I'm off to prepare some food and clean the place. If I remember, I'll take some photos and I'll show you tomorrow our Oriental feast. *^v^*

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  1. Don't tell people it was supposed to be a shawl - it is a PERFECT bag.

    I did weekly shopping yesterday but will wait till Saturday to pick up veggies for Easter Dinner. Luckily I live within walking distance of the Produce Store so I won't have to deal with everyone in the parking lot. This year I am only in charge of a vegetable instead of the whole meal -- so that is a good thing :D