Saturday, April 28, 2007

Third weaving project

My third weaving project is finished!

I so underestimated the time and the amount of work that had to be put into making this!... I started last Wednesday evening with warping the loom (not to count measuring and cutting all the threads, but I really cannot remember now how much time it took...), then on Friday me, Robert and Anna prepared the right tension of the warp (it took us about 4 hours...), then I kept weaving several hours a day (the threads were so fuzzy that they kept catching on one another with every move of the heddle, so I had to separate them with my fingers all the time).

Overall I'm happy with the result, this piece of fabric is for Robert - he's going to make a Viking jacket out of it, and I'm eager to start another weaving project soon. ^^

loom: Ashford Rigid Heddle loom, 80 cm wide
heddle: 40 threads per 10 cm
yarn: 100% wool, the tangle, three colours for the warp, fourth colour for the weft
fabric: 77 cm wide x 322 cm long (warp was about 400 cm long)
weaving time: about 24 hours

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