Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Some things change, some stay the same

Today we definitely closed our on-line Gothic shop, Atelier Bizarre.

Experiment failed. For 2,5 years we tried to introduce here in Poland different types of Gothic fashion - cute Gothic Lolita and elegant Victorian clothes and accessories. Unfortunately Polish customers prefer German type of Gothic - faux leather and plastic of poor quality, fishnet blouses, SM accessories, latex skirts. Moreover, the buyers here are mostly teenagers and they prefer to spend their money on several beers rather than on a nice lacy blouse or a corset.
Well, what's done is done, no regrets, let's just leave this experience behind us and move on to new challenges and ideas.

And I have to face me demons again - I have to tell my family that we closed the shop. Which will cause a chain of "I told you it was a bad idea from the start" and "you should have closed it a long time ago" conversations, and I would like to avoid all this somehow, because I'm not interested in such opinions. Having our own business was a valuable experience and I'm happy that we tried it, and the choice of products we were selling was in line with our interests - but my mom suggested selling vegetables from the very beginning!... Because it would have been profitable. Well, it wasn't all about the money for us.
But how can I explain it to anybody?


  1. I am sorry to hear that you closed up shop but at least you tried it out! You never know whats gonna happen unless you try it and you should really proud of all you guys did.
    by the way i have been reading you for a couple months and i really like your blog! You have done a lot of inspiring things especially the embroidery panels you were working on.

  2. I'm sorry you had to close the business you probably are just ahead of your time -- if what you sell is what you wear it is super.

    But no experience is a waste - I am sure you learned a LOT that you will use in the future in what ever you do - and because this didn't work out it doesn't mean that your next venture won't --

    I think it was Thomas Edison who tried making electric lights and did many many trials before hitting the right one - he didn't feel he had any failures because he learned something with every one he did. Things that made him think of future things to make.... so I am going to believe this will only lead to new and exciting things for you in the future.

    It is only when you stop dreaming that you fail...