Sunday, May 13, 2007

Eurovision song contest

Congratulations, Serbia!!!
It is a really beautiful song and you definitely deserved to win! ^^

Although I had some other favorites, too. In no particular order I liked the Hungarian blues, the unusual Bulgarian and Georgian songs, the Gothic Finland and Slovenia, the yummy Swedish guitar player (*^v^*), the almost cabaret France, the kitschy but funny Ukraine. But they couldn't win all, right?

And if you haven't seen both Finnish performances on Thursday and Saturday at the end of the contest you missed great magical mystical shows! It made me want to visit Finland once again (I was in Helsinki about 17 years ago). ^^

BTW, I'd like to say how ashamed I am with the Polish band... It was a lame copy of the American style pop, nothing original, the song was generally bad and the performance was tragically poor... Let's just wipe it out of my memory.

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