Friday, May 11, 2007

Right here, right now

I've been very busy naalbinding all week and today's post will be illustrated with my creations: a pair of socks for myself and six colourful pouches that I may be selling at some medieval events this year. ^^

I love how these socks came out - they fit really perfectly, which is not that easy to achieve with naalbinding.

I would also like to share with you some of my thoughts on the the idea found in the book called "People in Quandries: the semantics of personal adjustment" by Wendell Johnson, 1946 - the trap that people find themselves in, it's called the IFD trap.
stands for Idealizing (thinking about what it's going to be like, when...), what Dr. Wayne Dyer calls "the psychology of tomorrow".
stands for Frustration (because of Idealizing you are never happy in live, because you are living in the future).
stands for Demoralisation (how do you deal with Frustration? You are Demoralised and you Idealize again, and it's a vicious circle).

I've been in this trap all my life.
Mainly in the first part of it, that is Idealizing. I've always been living in the future, not enjoying the present moment but always thinking how happy and perfect my life would be in some time ahead of me, when something happens, when I get a better job or when I live in a bigger apartment, ect, ect. I even lived with the following philosophy: I would do something or try something or change in some way if I (had more money, lived somewhere else, got other education, had some other talents, ect, ect). But unless it happens I won't bother to even try.

There I was, waiting for the miraculous changes in my life to come. And only recently I've realized that I should start doing something in order to initialize those changes that I wanted to see in my life. I need to change my way of thinking about my life and living my life. I have to see that, although there are some limitations (or are they really?...), I can start making small steps towards my dream future. But those step will be made right now, in the present, there is no other way to do it.

And as a food for your thoughts, here are some questions (taken from the lecture of Dr. Wayne Dyer) that we may ask ourselves and think about the answers from time to time:

If you had only 6 months to live,
- How would you change your life?
- Who would you choose to live with, if you could choose anybody?
- Where would you choose to live?
- How much sleep you would get if you had no clock and no ability to measure time?
- How much and when would you eat if there wasn't something like meal times?
- What would you do if there was no such thing as money? What you be doing in your life on a daily basis?
- How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were? Old, middle-aged, young?
- How would you describe yourself if you couldn't use any labels?

and then act every day as if it was to be true, grabbing everyday by its throat and living to the fullest. *^v^*

Now I'm off to another naalbinded pair of socks - this time for Robert. ^^


  1. Wize words!

    Love your pouches, nice colours :)

    I'm in nalbinding mode too. Over the past 2 1/2 weeks I made 9 pairs of wrist warmers, and 4 pairs of gauntlets, and that's a lot for me (consider full time ++ work, teaching craft group, family...). We're getting ready for a market next week, and I hope to sell some there.

    I've collected sour jellies everywhere over the past few weeks, and I'm going to send you some "samples". Let me know wich one was the right one :) As I told you I also have a drop spindle for you. I'm a slacker these days, but my current plan is to make it to the post office on monday ;-)
    (Shouldn't be too hard, since I work in the same building, lol.)

  2. I've only recently discovered naalbinding. I've just done some swatches at this point, and got re-distracted by knitting, but its wonderful to see some finished pieces.

    I hope to have something to share on your naalbindingf flickr group.