Wednesday, November 21, 2007

100 Day Challenge - day 2

Thank you, guys, for the support, I will need it all the way through my 100 days, I'm sure. A little bit of cheering up and a friendly kick in the butt when you feel I'm starting to let go, okay? *^v^*
And yes, Unichorn, you can start any time you like. I just happened to start on a day when Lilou Mace started her 7th season (don't you just love the sound of her name - Lilou! *^v^*).

Today I want to share with you the things I want to manifest in my life in the course of those 100 days.

First of all, I want to be constantly inspired for my paintings, which worked great up till now, but I wonder whether there might come a day when I have nothing more to say with a paintbrush. I hope it won't happen! *^v^*
Next, I want to sell my paintings to people all over the world and make a living that way.
Then, I want to manifest an abundance of money into my life, to pay off all the debts and lead a happy life without any financial worries. I want to be able to afford everything I need and want without worrying of every penny spent.
Next, I want to attract into my life people who will inspire me, support me and help me with what I'm doing. Mentors, friends, teachers, both in real life and via the Internet, both in person and through their works (books, paintings, music, ect).
Last, but no least, I want to manifest a new place to live, a flat or a house with spacious rooms full of light, my own studio and a garden. Once I thought it can only be a country house but now I am more often thinking about the spacious apartment on the last floor with a big balcony overlooking the city park, there are such places in my district, so who knows? *^v^*

On my Vision Board you can see the images representing the things I want to manifest (more to come as I buy more magazines) as well as "supporting" images - the poem by Lisa Congdon with the inspiring drawing of a ship and the postcard by Anna Torborg with birds singing - there is a saying in Polish "to do something singing - śpiewająco", which means to do sth really great and with no difficulties, and that's how I want to go through my life from now on - śpiewająco! *^v^*
I can feel the painting coming on this subject, yikes! =^v^=

I am also happy today because of the two reasons -
1. one of my real nightmares is letting the strangers into my flat and today I had to have some plumbing job done, so I had a visit of two plumbers. I don't like dealing with workmen, they usually are very talkative and I don't know what to talk about, whether I should offer them tea or coffee (which I don't have because we rarely drink coffee...), how much should I pay when they start the conversation with "payment, we will work something out", ect. But today they just came, did their job and went, no payment needed because it was a necessary job scheduled by my building council, all nice and easy! *^v^*

2. I received my book order from Amazon!I cannot say a word about this book yet because I just took it out of the envelope, so review to follow next time!
On the creative front - I almost finished the sleeves on my Tangled Yoke Cardigan and I started a new painting (still awaiting the varnish to finish the two previous ones, but I know it's been sent to me so I expect delivery tomorrow or on Friday).

One more thing - this year I've had on my desk the Stitch'n'bitch Calendar, but I don't want to buy another one for 2008 (it wasn't what I expected). Could you please recommend me some nice on-desk calendar? Art theme would be great, or a knitting theme, or crafts in general, you know what I like! *^v^*


  1. Good luck on your 100 day challenge. I look forward to reading more about it :-)

  2. Belive me Huni-ji I was worried today no less than you were. I just decided not show it too much this time, not to interfere and let you face the challenge. And I am proud of how you dealt with it especially that I know it was not easy for you and I am deadly serious writing it. Well now you know it does not have to be so traumatic experience! Respec' babe! :-)

  3. welcome to the 100 day challenge! so exciting that we started at the same time!!
    much love.

  4. You have a lot of good things on your list. Will be happy to cheer you on!!
    Glad to hear that your the plumbing visit went smoothly!
    Next time i go to the bookstore i will browse thru their calenders and see if any pop out that i think you would like-i have seen some of the usual(knitting a day, crochet a day, Krigami, stickers a day, beading a day) but nothing very exciting. I know last year they had some art a day ones like by a favorite artist or they were grouped by their technique.. Will keep my eyes open for you.