Thursday, November 29, 2007

I got rejected and it feels okay

100 Day Challenge - Day 10

Yes. I got rejected today and it feels fine. Which is strange because I am a drama queen and I would expect myself to be gloomy for the rest of the week. But I'm not . *^v^*

I applied to the Trunkt. I thought it would be a great place to let people know about my paintings. They very politely answered that they've received many talented artists' applications every week and this time they were sorry but couldn't accept mine. Which generally means "Errr... nope."
And I didn't feel like the ceiling just fell on my head and didn't take my paintings to the garbage bin, and I don't hate them at Trunkt. I just thought - well, maybe it's not for me, maybe, it's too early for my works, I need more practice, maybe it wasn't meant to be this time. Let's carry on. And try in a month's time, yeah! *^v^*

Something is changing inside me! =^v^=

Plus, I had a really nice conversation with an old lady in a brush shop this morning. I generally don't chat to people, just buy what I need and go out, but this time I wasn't in a hurry and her granddaughter just left Poland to spend 6 months in India on a collage project, so she was a bit nervous and described me her living quarters (with the Internet access but a toilet in a form of a hole in the floor...), and all her collage faculties (she had three going), and the lady looked really pleased she could share it all with somebody.
It's nice to stop for a moment and talk to people, it gives you the warm fuzzies inside (and Winter is coming, mind you!) *^v^*

BTW, we have a progress with my mother's opinions on my painting - I showed her all the canvases and explained the English words appearing there, and she said she liked the Cooking Girl best, and that I paint in a modern style (whatever that means) . That's more of an opinion than just: "Funny." *^v^*

Unichorn, I remember about the pencil drawings, I just cannot find them anywhere!... I've looked today and I'll keep looking for them, they must be some place, keep reminding me about them! *^v^*


  1. when the universe is ready, you will be too, and the right opportunity will come'll see......

  2. a couple of things- first off it could be they said exactly what they meant - and you are reading more into it than they meant - like I do all the time btw ;)

    second - your art is wonderful - it is vibrant, colorful, thoughtful, and totally YOU!! If my house weren't totally small and absolutely full of stuff on the floors, the walls, every available surface I would consider buying one and seeing how well it made the trip across the waters --

    Your mom is coming around - that is a huge step!!

    Finally if you want to - sit down and look thru that site and see what type of thing they have the most of - it looked like they had similar things to your work - but instead of close head shots they were full body (more like the one you did for your friend) -- maybe that is what they look for - it isn't you it could be that they like a certain type of style - and try again -- or try again with the ones you submitted already - but do what you love - what makes you happy and makes you feel good - just because one person may not love it doesn't mean that the next 20 won't be deeply in love with it.

    Willem de Kooning was a down the road neighbor of ours - and he wanted to trade one of his pieces for one of my dad's carved birds - my dad said no - and when I asked him why he said he didn't like Bills paintings - I said - yeah but that piece he wanted to give you was probably worth (at that time) $20,000 US he said he didn't care -- so you see it is all in the eye of the beholder as they say -

    so paint on!!

    oh if the de Kooning link doesn't work you can google him ...

  3. Jasne, nie naley się przejmować! Na pewno w końcu się uda! Cieszę się, że masz takie optymistyczne podejście :) A więc trzymam kciuki za wenę i za - następny, udany raz :)

  4. As a writer/poet, I always remember what I heard Stephen King say once about rejection: he put a long nail in the wall upon which he'd place all his rejection slips. When the pile got to be too thick, he'd get a longer nail.
    A long nail is a baptism of sorts :) Hang in there, you are very talented, as is evidenced by this website!