Friday, November 09, 2007

Studio on a balcony?...

So, we had our balcony covered with glass at the beginning of this week. It's warmer and quieter in the flat, and we have a relatively safe storage space for things that are bursting out of our flat - boxes with yarn, fabric and other bits and bobs.
Can you see the kitty entrance? We had to leave it like this because Barbi goes out onto the lawn, so we couldn't suddenly cut her off from the daily walks.
There isn't much stuff at the balcony yet, because first we want to lay some PVC floor and install some shelves. Robert even suggested that we could make me a studio there, with a comfortable table, ect, but as far as it is a closed space, it's not heated at all, so the temperature there isn't very different from the one outside (today 2 C/ 36 F...).

On the other hand, all the great artists suffered a lot in their lives and they left us masterpieces, so maybe painting with a paintbrush kept in a frozen fingers, coughing and sneezing, is some option... =^v^=

What do you think? ^^

BTW, there was a small update on my ebay - some corsets Robert sewn, check them out! *^v^*


  1. Wow thats great that you guys closed your balcony with glass!! i remember you mentioning it before!! Looks cozy! and you gotta love extra storage. how cute that you have a kitty door for Barbi.
    It is true that many artists suffered for their great works :) Maybe your frozen hands and dripping nose will inspire a next series :) :) Brrrr i couldn't do it.

  2. we had a conservatory in the UK and like yours..the temperatures in winter were the same as outside..brrrr.
    if you want to paint outside you'd better knit some extra extra warm mittens or gloves! lol! I really like your new balcony!

  3. Chyba jednak lepiej, żebyś malowała i robótkowała wewnatrz :) Chociaż wiosną na przykład praca na Twoim nowym balkonie będzie przeurocza! Wejście dla kota jest boskie :)

  4. love your balcony always wanted a closed in one. I think your weather in Poland is the same as Canada, freezing. Mittens and ear muffs for sure.

  5. it is brilliant - now to think of a way to keep you warm out there -- or at least warmish.

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