Monday, November 12, 2007

One thing - be brave

Have you seen this post by Krissie? She initiated a great idea and I'm going to keep it in mind although I'm not sure if I can actually take part in this project. (I know that it's not the way I should think, there should be more positive approach involved straight from the beginning, well... ^^)
The idea is to go out of our comfort zones and do something brave if not just once for this year, and feel the feelings if evokes afterwards, hopefully only the positive ones.

I am a very shy person, I don't have a huge group of friends, I'd rather stay at home and knit or paint than go out to the pub, I always take the same known route while traveling somewhere, I'm scared of people, I hate I'm-taking-you-somewhere-but-it's-a-secret-for-now surprises (unless it's a mail with lots of yarn goodies in it! *^v^*), sometimes I even have problems with going shopping because I actually have to leave the flat.
I wonder if I can do something brave this coming year, something I've never dared to do before?

BTW, who said that knitting on 3 mm needles takes more time than knitting on for example 6 mm needles? My Tangled Toke Cardigan is growing! *^v^*


  1. you could choose something from your mondo beyondo list? there is a lot of good things there to choose I think. good luck with it!

  2. i totally feel you. i am also Super shy. i hate trying new things or meeting new people,lol yeah i know how else are you supposed to make friends. when i drive somewhere i refuse to go on the highways and i get in the lane i need to be in miles before i need to make my turn. i think you have been very brave putting your artwork out there for all to see.
    of course there is always something that a person has to work on that they fear. i wish you lots of luck if you decide to work on something.