Monday, October 30, 2006

And there was much rejoicing!

Last night we had a triple birthday party (mine - which is on 31st October, and my friends Anna's and Lukasz's). ^^
We hired a club for a night, put on our favourite music and had fun till 2 am! *^v^*

That's me in my new dress I've made for the occasion, the corset and the choker I've made some time ago. Do you like my new hair style? ^-^

That's Anna in her stylish hat.

And here is Marzena and Lukasz.

Our birthday cake (delicious!!!). It says "triple birthday" on it, and our initials J for Joanna, A for Anna and L for Lukasz.

And then we had fun on the dancefloor! ^^

And soon I'll post some pictures of the things I've been creating recently. ^^

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  1. Thank you!!! *^-^*
    Maybe you should! Or at least visit, so we could get together and have some fun in our gothic outfits! ^^