Friday, October 20, 2006

Can you believe it?...

I was so busy for the last two weeks that I have no idea where the most of October has gone!... I've been sewing a lot - and I mean A LOT!
I finished the first part of my merchandise for the folk gallery I'm starting to cooperate with - some pincushions (see my Flickr) and a selection of hand-embroidered placemats (these are called "For a couple" and there are two of them in a set):

(bigger photos on my Flickr)

I made a Gothic Lolita outfit for my friend Marzena for today's concert of a j-rock band:

And yes, I totally didn't have time to think about my own outfit!... I'll be wearing the faux leather dress my husband designed and sewn for me some time ago.
(Although I don't feel like going there at all... I'm very tired and I'd prefer to stay at home, put some nice music on, eat dinner with our friends - I baked two chickens this afternoon... But, well, the tickets are bought and our friends are coming from the town next to Warsaw especially for this concert so we are going.)

And the bad news is I won't be able to knit the October bag for Bag Me KAL... I really really wanted to knit this one because I love the design, but not this month - I just had no time and I won't have time either next week - yes, more sewing on the horizon...
I'm a bit sad...


  1. I love the place mats you have made - what a great idea. The gothic outfit looks great too. Please could you help me out with a quick query? What weight yarn does your free pattern for the felted bag use? Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Kendra! ^^
    My yarn was Cristallo BBB 100% merino wool, 50 m/50 g, 11 sts/4 ins.