Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Autumn really started

It's raining outside, and the sky is grey and gloomy, but I'm not! ^^ (although when I was coming home with my shopping, rain soaked my bread roll, well...)
Because I'm planning and designing new items I'll be selling in a new on-line gallery. *^-^*

Yesterday I met with a lady who opened a Polish folk and folk-inspired gallery, and she wants to sell my things there! ^^ And I am a great Polish folk designs admirer, I've been making traditional embroidered items since I was little, my beloved grandmother taught me different embroidery techniques and it seems that I'll be able to use what I learnt now.
I'll be making for the gallery:
- pincushions (a bit different design that you saw on my blog)
- cellphone cozies
- placemats
- belts
- quilted cushion covers
These are the plans, for now I have two weeks to prepare first batch of items, namely pincushions and cellphone cozies. Maybe something more, but I'm not sure, two weeks is not a lot of time for an embroideress!...

Knitting and Naalbinding update
All items grew a bit, photos soon. ^^

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