Friday, October 06, 2006

Whiplash - accessories

It's my entry for the October Whiplash competition at Whip Up - category: design.

Since I love different costumes, I change them very often. ^^ You already know my medieval side, time to meet the gothic part of myself. *^-^*
Today I want to show you a set of accessories I sewn for my Gothic Lolita outfit:

It consists of:
- two cotton sleeves, with an elastic in the upper part
- a cotton apron with lace
- a cotton choker
All of them I sewn and then free-hand painted using the fabric paint, design is my own.

And here are some photos of me wearing the whole outfit (sorry for the poor quality, but it was a dark club and dark evening).


  1. That's an amazing outfit! I would never be brave enough to wear something like that but you look great in it!
    Also, I'm glad to see in your last post that you've found a commercial outlet for some of you work. That's wonderful!

  2. Oh yeah, forgot to answer your butter is best described as a very thick applesauce and you eat it spread on toast. It's kind of like an apple jam.