Friday, October 13, 2006

Cat recovered quickly

Thank you very much for your concern about my cat - frankly speaking, she's up and running today... ^^

Last night, when Robert came home, he took her from under the bed. It turned out that she took off the dressing from her stitched wound, so we just removed the last piece of a bandage that got stuck onto her fur. So much for the neccessary visit to the doctor's on Friday! ^^ But we still didn't want to let her go outside yet, so we kept the windows closed, much to her disappointment.

Then I had to leave for my bellydance class, and when I finished, I got a call from Robert saying, that he couldn't watch the cat suffer and whine, and he... opened the window and let her go out! Barbi was so happy she was finally set free that she disappeared into the night and didn't want to come back at all... Finally, around midnight, I went out onto the balcony and found her laying on the sheepskin (her favourite place on our balcony! ^^), so I invited her in, fed her and we went to bed totally happy and in love again. >^v^<

Generally speaking, she looks like everything is okay with her paw, tries to lick it a bit but cannot because of the ends of the stitches sticking out, so leaves it alone and behaves as if nothing happened. *^-^*


Have I told you that this semester we are going to learn the veil dance? I'm sooooo happy!!! *^-^* I love love love dancing with a veil and after some step practice classes we are finally going to start veil movements next Thursday! ^^

Have a great weekend, guys! Mine is going to be both: busy and entertaining, because I'll be finishing many items for the folk gallery and gothic lolita outfit for my friend Marzena (for the next Saturday concert we are going), and tomorrow we are having friends over for a fondue dinner. ^^

One more news of the day: I can finally take Paypal!!! Up till now I could pay somebody with Paypal, but I couldn't get any payment (I don't know why, maybe because of some international bank laws, but Poland was not allowed to accept money via Paypal, only pay with it). It means I can sell things abroad - on ebay or directly to you! I'm soooo happy! *^-^*


  1. Poor kitty! I'm glad everything turned out OK.
    Can't believe your story about the place selling your items. That's terrible!

  2. I'm glad your kitty is all right too. They do bounce back very quickly, don't they?

    I started belly dance class a couple weeks ago. I'm not too good at it, but it is fun. This past week we learned "snake arms" and how to shimmy - fun!

  3. Girls, thank you for your concern about my cat - she's as good as new, now when she doesn't have to wear the dressing over the wound and can go outside! ^^
    Miss Rachel, I believe nobody's good at anything at the beginning! ^v^ Just keep practicing and have fun! Snake arms are good for strengthtening the arm muscles, but shimmies give me real trouble - it's not that easy as it looks...