Sunday, October 01, 2006

Looking forward to October

First of all, I'm sooooooo happy!!! I won in the Whiplash September competition!!!
My kokoshnik won a prize in the Skill category, wow (right next to two cute childrens hats)! *^v^*

New month, new projects! ^^

Folk Socks KAL
Suspended for October, too. I still have some other projects, including OPAL socks (I know, I know...) . I joined the Socktoberfest to make sure I'll finish them this month!...

In the meantime I changed my first unfinished Mameluke Sock into a cellphone cozy...

The socks just didn't have the proper socks vibes, so my cellphone is very stylish now! ^^

I started a shawl. I must say I really LOVE the way it turns out! Colour changes are divine! It's a bit like weaving, because I take a long piece of yarn, work it into the shawl, then take another colour - whichever I fancy, and the beautiful fabric appeares right in front of my eyes. ^^

I wasn't sure whether it's possible to naalbind a flat object like this but it seems to be rather easy - I just have to be carefull when I turn the shawl around - I must keep the correct number of stitches. It's just the beginning, I think I'll need to make 6 or 7 repeats of the part from the darkest brown to the orange, and I can't wait till it's finished and I can wear it! (I know, I'm making it for my historical outfit, but I think it'll be perfectly suitable to wear over my moss green Autumn coat! ^^)
Some close ups:

Christmas Gifts
I started to knit my first Christmas gift - for my Mother-in-Law I: the Liesel Shawl.
Here is the progress so far:

And here is half of the Emelia choker by Jen that I'm making for Anna for her birthday next week. I hope I'll finish it on time! ^^

Bag Me KAL
New bag for Bag Me KAL - this month I'm going to knit this beauty:
English Garden

Overwhelmed by many different projects in August and September, and also by my felting disaster (remember: superwash doesn't felt, no matter how hard you try!...), I was either late with a project or didn't complete it, but this month I am determined to be on time and have a new bag ready for my birthday party! ^^


  1. Congrats on winning for your kokoshnik, I think it definitely deserved it!

    Wow, so many beautiful projects. The naalbinded (sp?) shawl is fantastic. I can't wait to see your English Garden bag. I've never seen that pattern before but it's lovely.

  2. Congrats on the Whiplash competition! Your kokoshnik is amazing. Great progress on the choker too, can't wait to see how it turns out!