Sunday, November 26, 2006

After the battle

Oh boy, yesterday we had fun!... ^^
Unfortunatle our side didn't win - we besieged the small wooden fortified structure but they managed to hold it and defend it. Well, next time then! *^v^* (probably in January).
Here are some photos:

Me and Jarogniewa.

Hazine and Anna.

We are preparing the tent and the table.

Boys before the attack:

Lothar, Prince Wszebor, Orel, my hubby Robert aka Daeris, Ciech, Przemek and Izbor at the back

This is the fortification that they were attacking.

In between fighting:

Borut, Robert, me and Orel, our thrall at the back

At the table.

Hazine and Jarogniewa.

My husband in his armour. *^v^*

Enjoy! ^^


  1. Looks like lots of fun! Your costume is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. I love the costumes and the fort!