Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Creating, creating!

I caught a cleaning bug recently and started to clean different random areas of my flat. ^^
Last night, for example, I washed all the glasses I have - and the cupboards they were in. I also decided to get rid of some old ones - not old enough to be valuable, definitely too old to use anymore! ^^
I love cleaning - not the process of doing it, but the result when it turns out that I threw away some stuff and I have space for nice clean usable items in my cupboards. *^-^*

I spent last week under the blanket on my sofa, because I cought some nasty flu, but I'm regaining my strenght now and last Sunday we even went out of town to meet our friends from the historical group - I held a naalbinding workshop there. ^^

Today I've been adding items to my gothic shop - not that many I wanted to add but I didn't finish them all because of the flu (and procrastination bug, let's be honest...).

Some belts I've made.

I'll be making bags next week, because of the popular demand (it's lovely when I get an e-mail from somebody asking about some merchandise that it's sold, and it's something I've created, it's a great feeling! ^^), also a neck-warmer (a prototype, I hope to make more like this but from different fabrics) , headdresses, chockers, one Elegant Lolita skirt (almost finished, needs six ribbons...) and one Gothic Lolita dress.

And tonight is a big night...
Because my mystery item arrives (together with our friend from Czech Republic, who is coming to visit his family for a few days).
*^v^* Happy! Happy! Happy! *^v^*

I promise some photos tomorrow!


  1. I'm curious about your mystery item! I could also do with catching that cleaning bug...

  2. Those belts are absolutely gorgeous! I'm not sure I could pick a favorite if I had to.