Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holidays should be celebrated...

... when it's time for the holidays, right?
Here is what I mean by the sentence above: it really makes me crazy when just after the All Saint's Day (1st Nov, widely celebrated by the Polish catholics, who visit all their relatives' graves) you spot Christmas decorations, Christmas sales, Christmas trees, Christmas events, Christmas gifts, ect, ect, ect all over the city.
Being pagan I don't celebrate Christmas (I celebrate Yule a few days before 25th Dec), but I visit my and Robert's families on 24th and 25th Dec. This is the holiday time for us, from around 19th Dec, with decorating the flat, cooking Yule dishes, meditations connected with the season of the year, then the festive atmosphere at the family dinners.
There should be time and place for everything - and celebrating Yule/Christmas should start closer to the exact dates, not two months before! If you are exposed to all the holiday symbols for too long I think you can get used to it too much and become bored with it when the proper time comes, because you've seen it all and it became part of the everyday surroundings.

What are your opinions? ^^

Off to crafts...
I finished eight cellpnone cases today and tomorrow I'm taking them to the folk gallery I'm selling my stuff in. ^^

You can also see a small movement on the right hand sidebar of my blog, "On the needles" section.
Yes! ^^ I knitted last night, progressed on the second Opal sock and on the Emelia choker for my friend Anna. Good for me, ne? *^v^*

And I want to show you another view from my balcony, this time it's "Magical" - a thick fog has covered Warsaw for two days now...

(it's not the unstable camera, it's the fog that blurred the view from 1 metre from the observer...)

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  1. Everyone here complains about the same thing, but it never seems to change! The only good thing is that we at least have Thanksgiving in late Nov and the real holiday season kick-off doesn't truly start until then (so late Nov instead of early Nov).
    That picture is so pretty!