Thursday, November 02, 2006

Can you believe it?!...

Winter has begun. Today, at 10:30...
At least in Warsaw. *^v^*
This is the view from my balcony:

And it's very cold today, I went shopping without a hat and gloves and felt the chilly air crawling all over me, brrrrrr..... Time to dig out all the winter warmers - hats, gloves, scarves! ^^

On days like today I feel this veil between our world and The Other Side to be very thin, but for the first time in years I don't feel uneasy about it. I think I found some inner balance and this gives me the ability to understand the necessity of light and dark sides in our lives.


  1. I'm very jealous of the view from your balcony. It looks magical.

  2. Kendra, the reality is I live on the ground floor of a 10-floor block of flats. But I'm lucky to have a 50 metre lawn with trees in front of my balcony that ends with a few tiny hills - there is a busy road and a supermarket just behind them...

  3. We had the same amount of snow on the same morning...weird, huh? We may get another dusting tonight.
    Even if your balcony view is deceptive, it is still very pretty. I love being able to look out at trees from my windows.

  4. If we ever have snow, it's not much more than a 1cm covering! Unless you live in the North, where there may be more. I'd like more snow.

    Why is the veil between our world and the other thinner on days like that?

  5. Alice, acording to Wiccan tradition, Samhain (aka Halloween) is the last great holiday in the year cycle. This is the beginning of the period of time when days are short and cold, and nights are long and full of mystery. This is the time when this world and The Other World are very close and sometimes even mingle. We are waiting for the Sun God to be reborn in December, meanwhile we struggle through a difficult period of dark Winter slumber.
    This is the time to think about the role of life and death (since balance is essential) and about our relations with our friends and realitives already gone (to finish with them, in our hearts, any unfinished businesses).