Saturday, November 18, 2006


Last Friday me and my crafty friend Kate went to a lecture in the Archeological Museum of Warsaw. It was about the medieval Scandinavian shamanic witches called volvas (in fact they had many names, but this one is most common) and the art of seid. Very interesting, especially when the lecturer explained the possible connections of the magic staff they carried to a spindle (they were often very spindle like shaped), and the symbolism of a loom as the tool to weave peoples' lives on it.

And people around us were staring at me and Kate throughout the lecture (although they pretended they weren't interested at all!... ^^) because... as soon as we sat down in our chairs we took out our naalbinding and continued our pieces (kate - a pouch, me - a commisioned socks).

And it seems like another Japanese rock band is comming to Warsaw in December! ^^
On 16th Dec EUTHANASIE will be playing here and we still haven't decided whether we want to go to their concert or not, because we never heard of them and don't know their music at all. But there's still plenty of time to make up our minds. ^^

Happy weekend! ^^

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