Monday, December 04, 2006


I got myself some funky jewelery! ^^

These are the wooden beads painted and on a string of an elastic.

I had a busy weekend: on Friday we went to my Father-In-Law for a party and we had a lot of delicious food! ^^ (my Mother-In-Law II is a kitchen genius!).
Then on Saturday we met with some friends because it was my husband's birthday, and we went to an Indian restaurant called Tandoor Palace (if you're ever in Warsaw I highly recommend it! ^^). Wow, it was great! Indian food is our second best just after the Japanese food. We started with some samosas and fish pakoras, and with delicious salty lussi, then we ate tandoori lamb and chicken sizzlers with garlic naans, I really really want to go there soon again! *^v^*
We finished our Saturday evening with drinks at the nearby pub, with some nice live music.

And on Sunday I was finishing some products for my Atelier Bizarre shop.

A skirt:

Two more belts:

And something totally new - the wristwarmers of my design:

And my husband started to make a new medieval Russian shirt for himself, he cut out all the parts, sewn some of them and started embroidery around the neckline (pattern of his design based on the historical sources). Here is the sneak preview:

Happy Monday, everyone! ^^

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  1. I love the skirt & wristwarmers & belts ... VERY nice!!!!!