Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I want to share with you the sunlight that appeared suddenly across my bedroom, just for a short moment, and I managed to catch it with my camera! ^^

This is my desk with a computer on it, and lots of other stuff as you can see (Stitch&Bitch 2007 calendar, for example, huge heart-shaped lolipop with "Love" on it, partly eaten, ect ^^), and on the wall there is a painting I got as a birthday present from a friend many years ago - I love this picture and this is the first thing that I look at everyday in the morning. *^v^*

I got a call from a lady from a folk gallery I'm selling my stuff in, and she said that almost all of my cellphone cozies sold out and she wants more, and as quick as possible!... I am of course very glad that people liked my creations but I cannot leave everything else and just sit and make more cell cozies... I promised her several pieces next Tuesday so today I've been cutting fabric, sewing lace, ect... Busy, busy... ^^

I also set up dates for my naalbinding course in January - I hope the gallery will start to advertise it soon on their website.
I prepared a photo to illustrate my course - what do you think? *^v^*

And I officially started the Winter season - on Sunday I took out my big red Winter coat from under the bed, gave it a wash and first wore it on Tuesday.
I still don't have Winter gloves, and I hope to finally knit the Norwegian patterend ones soon... ^^


  1. I wish I could go to your naalbinding course!

  2. Kendra, you are so invited! *^o^*
    Helene, my shawl is not finished yet, it's just a trick with a big bag of fleece underneath it to give the impression that the whole basket is full of different naalbinded items, well... >^v^< It's growing steadily, I hope to finish it by 20th January, when we are going to attend another Winter battle event. ^^

  3. I love that painting, it's beautiful! Also glad to hear that your cozies were a big hit.
    I had a bit of a laugh at your last post. Japanese and Indian are 2 of our favorite cuisines too (Mexican is up there in the top 3). On Tuesday we were in town and we had Indian for lunch and Japanese for dinner. YUM!