Sunday, December 31, 2006

Never put away your knitting...

This post had a title "Emelia finished!" but unfortunately I had to change it, grrr....

I finished Emelia choker for my friend Anna!
Yes, I have.
I finished it, blocked it nicely and then I had a good look at it when I wanted to sew on the buttons and weave in the ribbon...
I knitted the first half of it about two months ago. Then I had million of other projects and put it away for a while, and recently I decided to finally finish it. And I totally messed it up!...
Emelia consists of three different charts to follow while knitting, and as I repeated the first and the third ones correctly, I did something strange in the middle part - the half I knitted two months ago looks very different than the half I knitted recently, I picked up stitches in a different way somehow and they look as if I followed some other pattern...

So now I'm knitting another Emelia and this time I'm not going to leave it for such a long time unattended and hope to make it look the same throughout the whole project.

And I wanted to show you our latest purchase - this is the Christmas present from Robert's father and mother (and we had to add just a little bit of money) - our new camera!

It's Fuji FinePix S 5600 and I hope to get better photographic results from this one than from my old Canon PowerShot 60 (which is allright but it has smaller matrix and fewer functions).

Now I'm off to prepare myself for the New Year's party (we are having a small gathering of friends at Anna's flat tonight), so have a great time this evening and happy New Year to you all! See you tomorrow with my New Year's resolutions!

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  1. That's a good point - not putting away your knitting. It's happened to me before....but the choker is really lovely.

    And WOW! What a camera.