Tuesday, December 19, 2006

No snow for Christmas...

Well, I've checked the weather forecasts for 24th, 25th and 26th December and there is now snow planned for this period here in Poland. Or low temperatures, only about 6 or 8 degrees Celsius above zero. And you call this Winter?... White Christmas, huh!...

Thank you, Helene and Lobstah, for your words of consolation to my last post - I feel better now after a few days, and I even talked to my mom - she called me and talked about Christmas supper as if nothing happened between us, that's the way she deals with situations like that, especially when it's her fault (she yelled at me once that I hadn't answer my cell phone all weekend when she called but then it turned out that she was out of credits on her phone and didn't connect to any numbers, you might think I got a word "sorry, it seems it wasn't your fault" sentence... no way!).
And yes Helene, I am an only child, which in fact I like very much ^v^, but my mom often talks about the regrets that she never decided on a second child. Well, what's done is done (or rather "isn't done" ^^), and there is no way of changing it now.

Off to some craft news:
In the January editions of womens' magazine "Claudia" (which is at the newsagents' from the middle of December) there is an article about the lady from the folk gallery I'm cooperating with, Magda Wojdyna, and her on-line store!

I scanned part of the article so you could see her - she is on the right, the blond one, with her older daughter who helps her with the on-line part of the shop (she has two daughters).
That's fabulous because the more publicity she gets the more people may be tempted to check her store and see my products, and maybe buy them for Christmas presents, yikes! &^v^&

I'm still knitting like crazy, but I can see the light at the end of a tunnel ^^ - I'll be most happy when I've finished the commisioned baby hats and capelets for my friend (she ordered three sets of hats and capelets, all exactly the same, so you can imagine that I feel like working on the factory line... and I can see pink everywhere... @_# ). But other gifts are coming out very nice, I've got mittens for my Father-in-Law ready (thanks, Kimberly, for the pattern! ^^), scarves for my two Mothers-in_Law growing everyday, still to come scarves for my uncle and Grandfather. Photos in a couple of days.


  1. You always sound so busy. I hope you get to relax a bit over the holdays!

  2. Glad things have settled down! That is really cool about the shop being publicized too!