Monday, December 11, 2006

Look, look! ^^

Last time I wrote that "I cannot leave everything else and just sit and make more cell cozies..."
It seems I can. *^v^*

On Saturday and Sunday I've been finishing cell phone cozies and wristwarmers for the folk gallery, and I got a little bit carried away... I made 14 cell cozies and 8 wristwarmers (in fact I knitted more wristwarmers, but I didn't manage to finish the embelishments for more of them).
This morning I struggled to catch the daylight and take good photos of them all, the sun sets so quickly this time of the year...

And two of them on my wrist:

Have you seen new Knitty?
There are some interesting pieces to knit. I prefer:
- Calorimetry headdress
- Binary scarf
- Corazon mittens
- Tiffany mittens
- Piggle hat
and most of all
- Eiffel blouse! (I might even knit this, you know, this would be my first "serious" piece of knitting - a whole sweater! ^^)

Happy Monday, everyone! *^v^*

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