Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I talked to the owner of the folk gallery that is selling my stuff and I got really angry...
Not with the lady, but with the situation on the market, to be precise - in the on-line hand-made products galleries.
She politely but firmly asked me if I could lower my prices on the wristwarmers, because she thought that they wouldn't sell at the given price (plus her 40%).
I spend about three hours on making a pair of such wristwarmers (knitting, then matching and attaching different bits and bobs to make it look cute), not to mention the cost of a yarn and embelishment, so I think 15 USD is not such a terribly high price for it. Is it?...
The market is spoilt by the cheap mass-produced crappy stuff from China and people do not value hand work anymore, they would like to get everything for free. And on the other hand artisans do not value their time and ideas, because it's common to see the long complicated scarves on sale for about 8 - 10 USD - where is the payment for the maker, I'm asking, when it is only the price of the yarn itself?!...

I have two solutions:
- either lower my prices and almost "give away" my products, but it will only bring me frustration and won't pay back for the materials I'll use
- or give up making things for sale and concentrate on knitting/sewing for myself, my friends and on commissions

From the two above I will choose the latter, because I'm not going to be told how much I should charge for my work - this is my time, my creativity and I can always direct them into something else.


  1. That is such a shame. Surely people would pay a little bit extra for something that has been beautifully made by hand? Have you thought about starting an Etsy store?

  2. Kendra, I haven't up till now, but thank you very much for the idea! ^^ I registered at Etsy and I'm going to give it a try, especially now when I can take Paypal.

  3. I completely agree with you...hand made things are ridiculously undervalued. Well unless it has some stupid designer tag attached to it of course.

  4. i dont think 15 USD is too much for your wristwarmers at all i would pay it!!!! People dont value the time you put into stuff at all anymore and that is really sad. I hope you continue with your work though. You do really great things!

  5. your craft items are wonderful, don't sell them too cheaply. Try Etsy I believe its a great place to sell
    amber in very wet scotland