Sunday, December 24, 2006

Knitting like crazy!

OMG!... Last minute knitting is not the best idea in the world!... My wrist sinew hurts like hell (injury from last year from my jewelery course that renews every time I overdo it with my hand...) and I'm going to put the stiffener on my hand any minute now (as soon as I wrap all the gifts! ^^).
I'm not sure whether you're going to believe me that I've knitted all this since last Wednesday, but it's true *^v^*.

Kendra, I sound to be busy all the time because:
- my time management is terrible... I start many things and then finish them just in time, so I have to rush with everything,
- I sew and knit as my job, so I always think that I should make one more item either for my gothic shop, or the on-line galleries, so I'm always engaged in new projects (and lots of old ones...).
But I'm planning to do nothing in the next three days and give my hand a break (which I'll probably fail to accomplish, but anyway, that's the plan! *^v^*).

I promised pictures with my knitting, so here we go:
Commissioned gifts for my friend's nieces (they are 3, 4 and 5 years old), three sets of a hat and a poncho, one blue one and two pinks ones (my own pattern, matching the hat):

Yarn: YarnArt Baby (100% acryl)
Needles: 5mm
Christmas gift for my Mother-in-Law I (Robert's mom) - Liesel wrap:

Yarn: Opus Tiftik (5% mohair, 95% acrylic)
Needles: 5 mm
Surprisingly quick and easy pattern, although it's lace. ^^ I added more repeats of the pattern.
Christmas gift for my Mother-in-Law II - Irish Hiking scarf:

Yarn: Oliwia Plus (25% wool, 75% acryl) in caramel
Needles: 6mm
I love this pattern! Very quick, and I'm definitely going to knit one for myself, only wider (kind of wrap), and in other colour (green probably).
Christmas gift for my Father-in-Law - Fingerless Cabled Gloves:

Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta Alpacana (35% wool, 35% acryl, 30% alpaca)
Neddles: 4mm
I love this patterns, I've knitted them for my husband before in black - nice quick and easy desing.
Christmas gift for my Grandfather - a scarf (simple elegance for an older gentleman):

Yarn: Linate Yeni Cetiklik (90% wool, 10% acrylic)
Needles: 7 mm

Plus (what I knitted some time earlier) my mom will receive green Ella shawl (as if she deserves...), aunt Basia will receive the Lithuanian Socks from Nancy Bush's book.
That's all I managed to knit this year for Christmas gifts, wow!
And, can you believe it?... I finished the second of my OPAL socks!!! ^^

They are totally different in the pattern changes, but I don't care - I love them very much! ^^
As for my knitting plans for the nearest future (yes, I'm already thinking about new projects, am I crazy or what?... ^^) - I'm going to finish Emelia choker, which is the belated birthday present for my best friend Anna (I only need about 2 cms of it to finish) and I want to knit a long colourful scarf for Anna as a New Year's gift, because I know she's been dreaming of such a scarf. I'll be also knitting a sweater for my husband. And several more new things, as always! *^v^*
I'll leave you with my tree! ^^
Merry Yule/Christmas, everyone! *^v^*

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  1. Wow, you are a better woman than I, knitting all those gifts! They're all gorgeous, I hope everyone loves them.
    Happy Yule/Christmas and Happy New Year too!