Monday, June 11, 2007

Back from Prague

We came back home yesterday safe and sound and we really, really enjoyed our trip, on many levels.

We stayed at our friends' who went there from Poland to work, and of course many conversations tackled the job subject, which in the near future may or may not result in some decisions made by Robert and the consequences of his decisions.

I'm not writing anything more about it at this stage, not because I'm superstitious (I'm not!), but because there isn't much more to say, but I'll keep you posted if the situation changes in any way.

Suffice to say, the climate is warmer in Prague, beer is cheap and tasty, pubs and cafes are countless, architecture is beautiful and inspiring, and all the Poles we know who went there and found the jobs in IT business lead very happy, relaxed, dignified lives, and we are really tired of everyday financial struggle here (not to mention the stupidity and incompetence of Polish politicians...).

Now, let's have some strawberries and some great Czech beer (*^v^*), and let me show you some photos from the trip.

We left early morning on Friday and 120 kms from Warsaw we stopped at the picturesque restaurant for breakfast. Not only did it look stunning, the food was delicious and fairly low priced! If you're ever going to travel along route nr 8 from Warsaw to Wrocław I highly recommend this place, it's called "Zniwny Lan" which can be translated as "Harvest Corn-field", and it's in Gomulin, between Piotrków Trybunalski and Bełchatów. ^^
There is even a cat visit on your lap included in the meal ^^.

Prague by night - photo from the Charles Bridge.

Here are the photos of a beautiful Prague architecture - just a small bunch because wherever you turn there is something pretty to see so I could just upload and upload the photos endlessly. ^^

We even spotted some fellow Goth tourists! ^^

Look, a sheep! *^v^* (in fact, it's the restaurant "The Red Sheep").

I visited the MarLen yarn & fabric shop at Karolina Svetle 12, but unfortunately it was closed on Saturday.

Of course I didn't forget to celebrate the World Wide Knit In Public Day with some knitting in public (in an Afghan restaurant, in fact! ^^). Can you tell what I'm knitting? These are my Opal anklets, still haven't finished them though...

What I brought from Prague apart from photos and memories?
Well, because it's a high tourists season all the souvenirs were ridiculously expensive, so we just bought some crates of good Czech beer ^^ and some crafty bits - two inkle looms (one for my friend Kate) and a drop spindle (a gift for somebody, but I cannot tell you the details because this person may read my blog and she will know... ^^).

I came from Prague enchanted and inspired, and I'm already thinking about new craft challenges, but let's leave it for later, because this week I have some past projects to finish and some new projects to start and finish quickly (before the owner of the on-line gallery LudowoMi goes on holiday in the middle of June, yikes!...)

Now, for something different - specially for Totoro, who asked me about the good yarn shops in Warsaw: the biggest choice you will find at two big Shopping Malls, Galeria Mokotow (Mokotow district, Woloska street), and The Blue City (Ochota district, Jerozolimskie Avenue). There you will find both traditional wools and cottons as well as lots of novelty yarns. You may be surprised with the prices lower than you expected, because we generally have less expensive yarns here. ^^
I hope you'll have w great time in Warsaw! ^^


  1. Super pictures as always - I just love the ornate cage over the well... and don't you just love a man in a kilt?

    A yarn shop closed on Saturday - YIKES!!! And I Love the picture with Robert poking his head in while you knit - :D

  2. Thanks Rho for your appreciation of the picture with my head "poked" in :-). I am actually also the author of it - I have grabed the camera in my left hand and blind-shooted it. Pictures made that way are often surprisingly good and fun too :-).

  3. Dziękuję! I can't understand why they don't put yarn shop recommendations in regular travel guides :)