Wednesday, June 06, 2007

WWKIN Day on Saturday!

Do you remember that Saturday, 9th of June is the World Wide Knit In Public Day?

If you would like to meet me and knit a few rows together, this Saturday I'll be... knitting somewhere in Prague, in Czech Republic! *^v^*

Yes, if all goes well, we are leaving for Prague on Friday morning and staying there till Sunday at our friend's. And I won't be coming home empty handed, because I ordered another loom from the Czech shop carring Ashford products - this time it's the Inkle Loom for my medieval tablet and heddle bands. ^^

(Not to mention that I intend to visit the yarn shop Marlen found by All Tangled Up, but it may be "for my eyes only", because I really have no budget for yarn this month...).

Yesterday I decided I desperately need a new traveling handbag, so I took apart a pair of old jeans that didn't fit me (I'm not buying this "one-day-I-will-get-slim-enough-to-fit-in" crap, it just never works and it only makes me unhappy...), and I turned them into this monster shoulder bag (definitely not a handbag...^^). It's really roomy, with many pockets, I stuffed it already with two knitting projects, a book, a small umbrella, and some other things necessary while traveling, and it's awfully heavy...

If you need a huge tote and you have a pair of jeans with some funky pockets, you can really play with the bag design. ^^ I didn't have a plan, just added things here and there as I went with it.

And let's have something nice Straight From The Cauldron for the end of this post - a plate of freshly caught fried fish! *^v^*

This was our diner on Friday night, paired with some fresh bread, cold beer and Japanese comedy "Udon", which I highly recommend! Robert's friend discovered a place in our district where they sell fresh fish brought every Thursday from the Great Lakes region Mazury. This fish is called "sielawa" and you just put some salt on each of them, toss them in flour and put them on a hot pan for about 2 minutes each side. And voila!
Smacznego! *^v^*


  1. I wish I could sew like you -- I love the jeans bag!

    Have a grand time on your trip - I am trying to figure out how I can knit in public at a big dinner/dance we are going to on Sat for at least a few minutes to get the whole spirit of the thing....just don't know how well it will go over there ;)

    fish looked yummy -- but that is barely bait for our fish - hehehe - actually we love fishing with bait that you can eat if you don't catch anything - so small fish or clams or squid are always good.

  2. Fabulous bag--you're so darn creative! Hope you have a grand time in Prague!