Sunday, June 17, 2007

Opal anklets finished!

It's official - I've finished knitting my Opal anklets and I haven't got one centimeter of that yarn left. *^v^*

It was a ball of Opal sock yarn I won several months ago in a Bag Me KAL and I've made a pair of proper socks first, and then decided to use what was left for a pair of anklets. With my ankles I shouldn't wear these but rather cover them with longer socks, but I soooo love short anklets that I decided I won't be bothered by this fact!

They are knitted toe-up and in fact, at the end of a sock #2 I ran out of yarn... I found some lime green wool of the similar thickness in my stash and finished the left anklet with this! *^v^*

I had some elasticity issues with the previous toe-up socks so in this pair I chose to finish the cuff with a small ruffle - at the last but one row I just did kfb all around and the result is a comfortably elastic top. If I had more yarn, I would knit two rows with kfb, it would give even a nicer ruffle.

Did I say I love the pattern on my socks? ^^ Guys, if you have a spare ball of Opal sock yarn let's make a swap or something, I believe I desperately need more of these and I cannot buy this yarn here in Poland. *^v^*

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  1. The anklets look great. I love the colours of the yarn. Opal is great, especially as it washes so well.