Saturday, June 16, 2007

Knitting again. And finishing!

Yes, it's true. I may have some knitting FOs very very soon. *^v^*

Last night I finished the first of the Mamluke Socks for my friend (proper pictures next week when he comes to get them). I still have about 12 cms of the other one to knit, and the most important thing - I am sure now that I won't run out of yarn (I was afraid it might be the case). More thoughts on this project next week.
(do you like my clever use of Winter brushes for Gimp? ^^ I thought that snowflakes correspond well with the thick woolen sock!)

Last night I had some difficult and unpleasant things to think through, so I engaged my hands into some mindless knitting and I almost finished my Opal anklets - I really need only a few rows, so I may finish them today, in between cooking dinner and washing up. ^^

I've recently joined a new knitting community, namely The Knitting Daily, issued by the people from the Interweave Press. I really liked the tone of the first few emails I received from the editor, Sandi Wiseheart, and the website kicked off on Friday, 15th June, with lots of free knitting patterns and knitting tips & techniques.
My point is, I started to consider subscribing to the Interweave Knits magazine and I'd like to ask you if it's worth it? I believe I've read many blogs with enthusiastic opinions about the IK patterns, can you recommend it to me?

Now I'm off to my sewing project, but I'll leave you with some frugality advice:
- because money is always an issue in our household, Green Minded Witch says: "You can save some money on electricity bills."
Here are some tips of mine:
- change the light bulbs from the traditional ones to the energy saving ones wherever you can around the house
- before you turn on the tv/radio think whether you are really going to watch it/listen to it - I had a silly habit of turning the tv on with the moment I entered the flat and it was on all afternoon and evening when I was doing different things even in another room; my parents sometimes have two tvs and a radio on in three different rooms!..., you don't really need this costly "background noise",
- the same goes for the light - switch it on when you're in the room but remember to switch it off while going out, don't leave all the lights on in the whole flat/house all the time, it's your money burning out!
- turn the appliances like a washing machine, ect off right after they finished their job, when they are on "standby" they do use some electricity, and as we know, even the smallest bits count


  1. I subscribe but haven't made anything yet. I won't be resubbing to it as it isn't for me. I know lots of people adore it though
    amber in england

  2. That is a beautiful sock. I am not sure I have the patience for all of that color changing. LOL!