Monday, June 25, 2007

Knitting magazines

I absolutely couldn't sleep last night... It was 2 o'clock, 3, then 4, and I was full awake, with millions of thoughts crossing my mind about sewing and knitting projects, and many other things... Today I'm a zombie, tired and yawning all the time (and sneezing, maybe I'm allergic to something, it happens too often lately), and even though I should be doing some things I just don't have any energy.
I declare this Monday the Day of Quiet Music and Lazy Knitting. *^v^*

Knitting my second Breeze anklet I've been thinking about ordering the foreign knitting magazines. In Poland I can buy knitting magazines that are the reprints of the German mags, and the patterns are not that interesting (at least not to my taste). And I'm getting ready (spiritually) to knit my first ever sweater! *^v^*

I've been considering buying Interweave Knits magazine and what is a better way to check, whether it's worth the money or not - I checked the patterns preview from the current issue on their website.

Well, I don't really like any of them. :/

So, that's settled, but I desperately want another knitting mag, namely the Rowan Knitting & Crochet! I really really like many projects from the issue 41 and I also browsed through the previous issues, and like them as well... Maybe it's the photos, they are beautiful, vibrant, colourful, maybe it's the projects that really suit my taste, but I'm definitely buying it and I may even consider the Membership. ^^

There is also the Knitscence mag and I like several projects from the current and back issues, so it will stay on the "to think about buying" list.

Did I miss any of the "big names" knitting mags? Let me know, please! *^v^*


  1. Joanna if you remind me of your address I'll gladly send you a selection of British ones to try,

  2. I am with you, Rowan and Knitscene are both good (although Rowan did have a bad period a year or two ago, looks like they are getting much better). Interweave is kinda blah, but I wonder if it will get better when Eunny Jang becomes editor.

    I also like Vogue Knitting but a lot of people don't agree with me! It can be a bit over the top.