Saturday, June 23, 2007

One more FO! ^^

I am so productive after finishing Muslim socks - I've finish my Kid Silk Haze scarf last night! *^v^*

(Just look at that... I have a yellow washbasin, green soap dish and a pink soap!... The colour combination struck me as I looked at that photo. Although it never did when I washed my hands in the bathroom, strange... *^v^*
But I digres.)

Pattern: A Scarf for Ally by Julie Theaker

Yarn: one skein of Kid Silk Haze I got from Ambermoggie

Needles: 6 mm bamboos

I love this pattern and I so love this yarn! ^^ At the beginning it was somehow strange to knit with a yarn as thin as that but then I got used to it and the shawl went on very quickly. The diagram is very easy to memorize (you follow the pattern on the right sides and knit all stitches on the wrong sides) and the pattern really shows the delicacy of KS Haze.

Ambermoggie, thank you one more time for sending me this yarn to try, you totally rock! *^v^*

I may start another lace shawl soon because I liked knitting this one so much! (I know, not all of them are so quick and easy to knit, but still... *^v^*)

BTW, for the beginners in lace knitting, I recommend Julie's post on blocking lace.
(Although I think I'm going to block my scarf one more time, when I buy the wire, because I don't like the uneven edges.)

Another digression: today is the Father's Day in Poland - Polish readers, have you talked with your Fathers yet? *^v^*

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