Saturday, June 30, 2007

Would it really hurt me...

...if I had only one project on the needles at a time?
I think it would! *^v^*

I read many blogs of long time experienced knitters and everywhere I see several knitting projects in progress so who am I to be wiser and oppose the obvious knitting tradition? ^^

Before we get to check what's on my needles at the moment, let me show you my Friday yarn shopping (and there is an FO at the end of this post! *^v^*)

I bought the following:

- white and dark red yarn for the Norwegian gloves (from the Japanese book of knitting).

- hazelnut brown yarn (the rest I already had in my stash) for the Ukrainian Socks (from the book "Folk Socks" by Nancy Bush), I'm going to knit the knee-highs. ^^

- 300 g of red wool or wool with something (it doesn't say on the label...), very soft, it's from the second hand shop and it's going to one of my two choices of sweaters, not sure which one yet, but I couldn't pass this bargain!

- also a skein of a mystery yarn (it will be revealed later, because it's a gift for somebody and she cannot see it before she opens up a parcel with it at her own home! *^v^*, I can only say I found something very suitable for this person, in colours as well as in yarn type - at least, I hope! ^^)

I also went to the big magazine&bookstore called EMPiK and found the Knit 1 Summer issue (from the Vogue Knitting family of products). Well, yes, I didn't think about it before, that I can check the bookstore for foreign knitting mags!... Thank you, Paulina (who is my blogless fellow knitter), for pointing me in the right direction! *^v^*

I'll be checking the contents today as I had no time last night - we went shoe shopping with Robert's mum and she bought us both a pair of shoes (and I bought myself another one), and this is the subject for the next post because I finally have not one but two pairs of red high-heels! *^v^*

Now, let's have a look at my needles:

Norwegian gloves (from the Japanese book of knitting) - when we came home last night I couldn't wait and cast on for the first glove, then while watching tv ("Yes, Minister" and "Monarch of the Glen" on BBC Prime) I suddenly finished the cuff! ^^ I love it completely!

Emelia choker - getting ready to knit this again and finally finish it and give it to Anna, keep your fingers crossed! ^^

Black&white checkered scarf - I may abandon this project after all, I'm not happy with the acrylic yarn (the least pleasant type of acrylic, all shiny and squeaky, brrrr!...) and the pattern, it was one of my very first tries

Zebra socks - I've just started a pair of socks from a soft 50/50 wool/acrylic yarn from my stash, because a. I wanted to use up some yarn I have, b. it is always good to have a pair of mindless knitting on the needles. Simple toe-ups (short rows, and it's high time I learned some new technique!).
And to my surprise, this is my unconscious contribution to the Project Spectrum colours for this month( June / July - Red, Black, Metallics), wow! *^v^*

Market Bag - I'm struggling to find any use for the green cotton I bought last year... It's not that it's just green, it's green with pink and yellow dots here and there, and I really didn't like any of the things I've started to knit with this yarn. But there is a hope in the lacy shopping bag! ^^

Yes, I remember I promised a FO at the end of the post - and here it is!

I have finished second Breeze anklet on Thursday night and I'm happy with the result. ^^

Brezee from Summer 07 Knitty
Yarn: Anilux, cotton called "Yarn" (I know, it sounds silly...)
Needles: 3,5 mm dpns

Because of the multitude of shades on the yarn the pattern may not be very visible, but you can see there is something interesting going on on these socks and that's fine for me. The cotton yarn turned out nice for a pair of anklets but I think I wouldn't use them for the full socks because they would not stay up properly.

Both charted parts are easy to knit and easy to memorize and overall, knitting these socks was a pleasant experience. ^^

I changed the pattern a bit because my gauge was a bit bigger than suggested. So, I repeated the lace pattern twice (24 rows x 2), and then I finished the toes in plain stockinette, adding a small loop at the very top of each sock - I may use it for hanging them to dry after washing and they look fun! *^v^*.

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