Sunday, July 01, 2007

Red beauties!

Here they are:

Both were already worn - the polka dot ones on Saturday to dinner with my parents (they are quite comfortable) and the peep-toe ones on Sunday to National Museum (they are, well... not so comfortable, but they are very new and rather high, so I must get used to them and they must get used to my feet, I hope for a satisfying agreement soon! ^^).

Oh, it was a delightful Sunday! And I really mean what I'm saying! *^v^*
We started with a pancake breakfast at our place with my best friend Anna, then we went to the National Museum to visit the Alfonse Mucha exhibition, which we left very inspired (Anna is also an artist, she draws, paints and creates costumes). I especially liked his jewelery, very unusual and richly decorated with art nouveau motives, I love this style in art!
In front of the National Museum, me wearing the red&white peep-toes! (and with my Hello Kitty red tiny bag. ^^)

Just before going for a swim, I changed the shoes, peep-toes were killing my feet!... But I will make them cooperate one day! *^v^*

Then we went to the swimming pool (mainly for some nice time in a sauna! ^^) and then we had dinner at our favourite Turkish restaurant, followed by some ice-cream at a famous Grycan cafe. ^^

We finished the day relaxing with some drinks at our place again and the three of us agreed that we must repeat such Sundays more often!

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  1. I love your fun red shoes! I wished I lived in a place that was more conducive to fashion (I am way out in the country!).
    The Mucha exhibit sounds very inspirational.