Friday, July 27, 2007

New colour palette for Autumn

CraftyDiddl asked me yesterday, did I grow up in a very crafty home - well, not at all. ^^ I mean, yes if you count that my father was a blacksmith and my mother used to knit a lot when I was a child (but then she stopped and started to crochet occasionally).

I learnt how to sew by myself, on an old Lucznik sewing machine.
I learnt how to knit reading the foreign blogs two years ago.
I was taught traditional embroidery by my Grandmother but then I caught a cross-stitch bug and continued for several years.
I taught myself naalbinding, cord-making and weaving, because I needed this for my medieval reenactment activities. (Spinning awaits me! ^^)
I went on a professional jewelery course last year and learnt how to make jewelery out of silver, copper and stones.

As you can see, I just find something new and interesting, and I plunge into it, trying it out, seeking information all over, and then I decide whether I like it or not. I tried patchworks once and I think it's fun but not necessarily my first choice of a craft.
Sometimes I think it would be better to concentrate on one craft and master it to the limits, but then I got distracted and find something new. Well, that's me! *^v^*

Rho, it's true that Robert prefers black, but I think he looks great in red (and blue, but he hates blue, well...).

This is what I've been working on last night - in two weeks time we are having our Annual Great Feast in our medieval society, and everybody's preparing some gifts for our Prince. ^^

So, apart from other things I'll still be making, I decided to make a pair of naalbinded socks from the Norwegian wool I received from Helene.

They turned out great! Very delicate and light, perfect for the Summer and he asked me once about the grayish yarn for a pair of socks, so I hit the jackpot with this colour! ^^
I am a great fan of naalbinded fabric texture! *^v^*

The new Autumn collection of Gudrun Sjoden is out now and I'm ecstatic again!
After the Summer collection hiccup, this one is fabulous. There are three lines: Italian Renaissance, Inspired the the 40's and Dots, and I love love love the first line of clothes!
Look at the colours, the textures, the patterns!...
If I won the lottery, the first thing I'd do is to go to Malmo - the closest in Scandinavia for me, and do some shopping in Sjoden's shop (I could do it online but I'd love to be there among all those clothes on racks and just breathe in the atmosphere... *^v^*)
I love all those layers - oh, putting together shorter and longer pieces of clothing, the ability I still need to practice! ^^

Could anyone advise me the pattern for the similar knitted cardigan? I feel I desperately need one like this, with a low semi-circular neckline.

Speaking of Gudrun Sjoden - I finally have the fabrics and the idea for a jacket inspired by Gudrun's design. I still have to wait until Robert cuts away part of this gorgeous wool to make himself a medieval cape, but the rest will be mine! (about 1,5 m x 1,5 m).

Just look at that texture, yummy!
(I am very keen on textures, I always touch everything - fabrics, yarn, tree bark, ect ^^)

Depending on the amount of fabric (Robert still didn't decided whether he needs 2 m or 1,5 m), it'll be hip-long or even going down to the knees, we'll see.

I'm going to sew a raglan sleeved jacket, longer at the back, with buttons at the front, the lacing at both sides and a square neckline, which will be embellished with the violet cotton you see in the picture.

Happy Friday, guys! *^v^*


  1. That's awesome that you have taught yourself all those things :)
    thanx for answering the question!

  2. Wow, you finished the yarn already! The socks look great, hope they're just as nice to wear as mine :) They kept me nice and warm at the viking market last weekend, but still not too hot.

    And guess what - I visited the Gudrun Sjöden shop in Malmö a couple of weeks ago. They had a sale, but I didn't end up buying anything.
    Are you jalous yet, or what...??