Monday, July 16, 2007

One happy tomato plus some lace (and a cat!)

One happy Tomato it is! *^v^*
On Friday I finished my Tomato blouse! I wanted to show it on me on Saturday, but it was washed and blocking on a towel. Throughout the whole day.
Then I wanted to wear it on Sunday, but it was still wet. Hm... Then I put it out on the balcony (away from the direct sunlight) and my cat slept on it for a while!... Then I left it inside the flat overnight, still a bit dump, and I found my cat sleeping on it again this morning!...
Which means, that it's cat approved! *^v^*
It was my very first sweater, I loved the pattern (no seams, yikes! ^^), easy and quick to knit, I even made some modifications myself because I needed a bigger waist fitting than in the pattern.
I already have two blouses and one sweater on my knitting list, but more about them later (I'll start a sweater at the beginning of August, when I buy the yarn).

Pattern: Tomato from Knitting Daily
Yarn: Gloria cotton, 100g = 280 m, I used 200 g, plus a bit of green acrylic
Needles: 4 mm circulars, 3,5 mm circulars for the neckline and sleeves

I still have 800 g of this cotton and I decided to dye it and knit two other tops out of it (I cannot have only orange blouses!) - one will be green (Berocco free pattern)and the other purple/maroon (my own pattern, yikes! ^^), it depends on the fabric dyes I'll be able to buy.

Now, let's see some unfinished knitting:
Revelation number 1 - I think I like knitting lace from a chart!... I don't know what put me off the charts in the past, I would go mad if I had to read all those "k1, psso, yo,...", I just look at the symbols and know what to do, brilliant! ^^

Here is my progress on the Mystery Stole 3 - I'm currently in the middle of the Clue 2. I would be further but while working on it on Saturday evening I slipped a stitch off the needle... I went down two rows before I was able to catch it, so I had to frog it a bit. But then, when I almost finished frogging I again slipped one stitch, which went down a few rows... Yes, I know, you cannot afford being clumsy while knitting lace, but it was late and I was tired! I frogged some more rows, managed not to slip any more stitches and here I am today with my stole.
When I look at it being stretched I can see one mistake on the left edge, but it's in the middle of what I made up till now so I am definitely not going to frog it again!

And for the cute ending of the post - one very hot cat... It's been a real Summer again since yesterday and Barbi is trying to find a cool spot on the balcony. ^^


  1. Your Tomato top is wonderful!! I think it will look great on you :)

  2. hot here also today:) love the knitting and thank you so much the yarn is gorgeous. And just me:)

  3. Congrats on your first sweater! I looks lovely.
    -Jen T

  4. Your first sweater looks great!! Congrats!

  5. Oh, I love the Tomato-top! It's beautiful, well done girl! Now lets make more sweaters huh!? :-)

  6. Hooray, Joanna! It looks so great, I knew it would come out beautifully!

  7. Your Tomato is beautiful :)