Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I love life, too! (at least right now)

Thank you, guys, for the compliments on the gloves, I'm already thinking about the similar pair, but with another pattern, in black and white maybe...? Time will tell! ^^

Do you know this blog: [i] LoveLife?
I've just found it a couple of days ago and I'm enchanted! By the beautiful artworks Kal makes, but most of all, by her constant positive attitude towards life - she just loves life and it shows in every sentence she writes.
If you are sad or depressed or angry, just choose any post from Kal's blog at random and in a minute you'll be full of happiness!

And her posts can work miracles! It's true - here is my proof:
- On the way home from the swimming pool today we stepped into a second-hand shop and I bought myself a nice denim dress for 1 USD. This evening I've been reading the archives of Kal's blog and I suddenly remembered that I bought this dress and decided to try it on. When I took it out of the washing machine I spotted... a hood! This dress has a hood, and I didn't notice it while buying it, and I love hoods!... *^v^*
And it doesn't matter that it's a bit too tight here and there because I already know what to do to make it fit better, and I'm so happy. 1 dollar happiness! *^v^*

(Moreover, there is a Rolling Stones concert very close to my block of flats and I feel a bit like I'm there with the crowd - but comfortably in my chair with some orange juice, that's my idea of a good concert! *^v^*)

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  1. 1 Dollar Whoo HOOO! Can't wait to see it on when you get it exactly the way you like -- and I agree concerts you can hear but be in the comfort of your own home - perfection!