Saturday, July 28, 2007

Oh, it hurts...

It's Saturday evening, 6 pm, and I should be at my friend Kate's housewarming party.

Am I there?

I'm at home, suffering because this morning at 7 am my stupid bladder struck again!... Last night I was fine, watching "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein" and knitting clue 4 on my Mystery Stole 3 and this morning - a disaster! I was so looking forward to this party (and I'm not that social person, mind you), barbecue at the patio, people I like, the atmosphere of a fresh new apartment!...

I'm still fighting, though. I sent Robert there already and stayed home to see whether I'd get any better in the next two hours. If so, I'll hop on the bus and join them! I'm on a big dose of medication and waiting for any improvement, it seems that I don't have to visit the toilet every 30 minutes but it still hurts... (and maybe I'll catch some sleep because I didn't sleep well last night...).

Anyway, the good thing about today is that the huge not working tv set finally disappeared from our balcony! *^v^* I was hoping that somebody might just come and steal it from us (we live on the ground floor), but nobody was willing to do so... and you hear of thieves everyday on media, but not one of them spotted the tv... ^^
Anyway, our friend came this afternoon and he and Robert took the monster and drove it away to the recycle point (I was unable to lift it, it was 56 kgs and slippery all over!).
I can now start proper decluttering and cleaning the balcony, and we talked about the glass construction that would transform the balcony into another useful storage space. So, this counts as a big PLUS! *^v^*

Please, remember about my sweater pattern request from the last post and later I'll write about the knitted 3 piece set Robert designed for me this morning (it will be fun if I knit this! ^^)

EDIT: It's almost midnight, I feel better but not better enough to go to Kate's party so I'll probably go to bed soon. Some heavy rain is pouring down outside the widows, cat's in my lap, Robert's just called to wish me goodnight and I miss him... I know I wanted him to go and have fun, there was no point in him staying at home and watching me suffer, but now I wish he didn't go, you know...
Anyway, he's coming in the morning so the sooner I go to sleep the sooner I'll see him!
Good night, everyone!


  1. ouch:( hope you feel better soon, barley water is always good for bladder stuff

  2. Hope you feel better soon-sorry to hear you had to miss the party.

  3. Ow -- hope you are feeling a bit better - sorry you had to miss the party -- I think I am a lot like you- I want to go to small parties with folks I really like - not much for other parties. I left the baby shower today after the presents and cake ;) (hey I'm no fool and I picked up the cake for them since the bakery is in my town not theirs LOL)

    Cranberry juice when you feel the very first twinge and lots of water -- something in the acidness of the cranberry helps ...
    it would help me sometimes if I got it early enough.

    Oh I think Robert would be handsome in blue too.. but I really do understand from his perspective - if I didn't try to add color for Rich I would be in black and white and blue and white all the time.