Sunday, July 29, 2007

Creative juices are flowing

It's around noon here and Robert is still asleep. He came home at 10:00, drank lots of water, took a shower and went to bed to make up for the sleepless party night. *^v^*

I'm feeling better, thank you for the concern and advice on what to drink, I may try it all today. It's very quiet at our flat apart from the wind and rain outside the windows.

I've been already planning what to do with our balcony - first things first: next week I'll get rid of all the stuff that needs to go, I'll remove the rest to the basement storage and clean the windows. I checked the prices on the glass constructions and it won't be cheap (who would've thought!... ^^), but my mom said she'd lend us the money so we'll probably do it in the second half of August.

I've been also thinking about my plans to over dye the orange cotton yarn with some other colours and decided that it may be easier to knit a sweater first, and then dye it rather than unwind yarn from the balls into skeins, dye it, wind it again into balls and knit a sweater. So, I may cast on soon for the next sweater, yikes! ^^

And now I dug out a box of pencil crayons, I'm off to play with colours. *^v^*

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