Monday, July 30, 2007


I always wondered where does artists like writers or painters get their ideas, when the sit in front of an empty white piece of paper. ^^

Now I know! It just comes! ^^
As the cats came to me yesterday and landed on the pieces of paper, crazy colourful cats with crazy names! *^v^*

These are my sketches with pencil crayons. In fact I've never ever tried drawing with them and what I found strange was the fact that you cannot smudge the shadows with your fingers... I always looked like a crash victim after I was drawing with a pencil or pastel crayons, because I placed a line on a paper and used my hands to smudge it all along. It's not the same with pencil crayons - here you have to place more and more layers, but it's fun, too, it's just a different kind of fun! ^^

And here is a sneak peek into what I bought today! I'll write about it tomorrow! *^v^*


  1. I can say quite
    egorically I love these:)

  2. I love you cat drawings! Those are great :) You are quite the artist!

  3. I think your sketches are beautiful! So colourful and vibrant :-)