Saturday, July 21, 2007

Theme Picnic

It was a great day today! (Although we didn't get much sleep because we went to bed very late last night and got up at 8 o'clock, but still, I really enjoyed the morning. ^^)
We met with some friends and went to the Family Park in Powsin (just outside Warsaw) to have a theme picnic.
What is a theme picnic? Well, we chose some not-everyday outfits for this occasion - Anna was a Pirate Lolita, me and Kate were Sweet Lolitas, Wojtek was an Elegant Arictocrat and my Robert was Jack Sparrow himself! *^v^*
Here are some photos:

We ate some delicious homemade food. ^^

We played a bit of petanque (boys won twice...).

Kate was making soap bubbles! Oh, childhood memories! *^v^*

My Robert. Look at the parrot, I knitted it last night! *^v^*

BTW, I started a new blog - FriendSheep Fragments, where I'm going to show the pieces that constitute my life, day by day. No words, just photos, every day for as long as I'm happy with it. You are welcome to visit and leave the comments! ^^


  1. Oh wow Love the outfits and you guys look like you had a ton of fun :) :)

  2. very cute earrings, i saw your post on knitting daily. photographing your "robert" and knitting him stuff i know is fun. i made "my" chris a tie