Tuesday, July 24, 2007


"If your daily life seems poor, do not blame it; blame yourself, tell yourself that you are not poet enough to call forth its riches." (Rainer Maria Rilke)

I started a diet today, because I decided to cleanse my body and Summer is a perfect time for it. It's rather radical, but it won't last very long - although we'll see about that because I might like it! ^^. I'll be drinking a lot of fruit and vegetable juices and occasionally eating something more substantial like a "cardboard bread" with a slice of cheese or something like that.
I hope it'll do me good - to my stomach as well as to my skin and weight! Keep your fingers crossed!

Last week's theme on Inspire Me Thursday was Goddess and I'm making something that is very along this topic - feminine, delicate yet strong and sturdy, elegant, a perfect accessory for a Goddess in me. I'm making a lace parasol. ^^
(is it true, that 'an umbrella' is for the rain, and 'a parasol' is for the sun? I read it somewhere. Hello, native speakers of English?)
It will be white with white lace, it's being built on the metal base from an umbrella but will have a canopy of white cotton and lace, and (that's the best part! ^^) - I'm preparing the tutorial with pictures so you'll be able to make parasols like this for yourselves! *^v^*
Details soon, which means next week, because I need to go to the wholesaler for a lot of lace!

One more thing concerning knitting: Craftydiddl asked me about my knitted parrot - the pattern comes from July issue of Simply Knitting
magazine I got from Ambermoggie. It has a whole pirate to knit but I only needed the parrot for now. ^^


  1. you are right on your umbrella parasol thoughts -- and I will make use of a parasol pattern since I developed a sun allergy a few years ago

  2. A diet or more of a cleansing-because you don't look like you need a diet :) but i agree a cleansing is good for Everybody out there :) My mom is very into health foods and is a vegetarian and i know every summer she does like a cleansing also. Me? I have no motivation for that i love my sweets lol-i am so bad :) i wish you the best of luck i know sometimes they can be hard but fruit and veggie juices are very good :)

    i second the umbrella and parasol meanings :) and i can't wait to see your final product and tutorial-that is so great that you are making your own parasol.
    Thanx for telling me about the parrot-i must have missed that pattern in that magazine :)