Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mid year resolutions revision

First, let me give you the results of the Big Polish-Norwegian Jelly Tasting! *^v^*
These are the jellies I received from Helene and just for the record I'd like to present my views on each of them (it may be useful for another jelly lover like me, travelling to Scandinavia! ^^)

These are my favourites of the lot - key-shaped ones.
They are not too soft, but not too hard, quite sour but also very sweet underneath, The size also matters - they are quite big so they last longer, yikes! ^^

The purple and yellow feet - very tough (you can practice your teeth on them), very sour with a hint of sweetness, very nice ones. Only right feet available. ^^

Green and yellow pears - tough and sour with a strong pear taste.

The Peace wheels - mildly sour and be warned these are liquorice flavoured! It doesn't bother me because I like liquorice, but some people can't stand it. (And even I rather prefer liquorice in its natural taste, not sour or salted.)

Green frogs (and there were also other colours, but I ate them! ^^) - not very sour but with a great texture, something like a marshmallow, sweet too.

The last ones came in a packet. These are a real surprise! They are not jellies but something like tough candies, which are very sour at the beginning (my ideal!), but then when they melt in your mouth there is a very salty core inside... I'm not sure yet whether I like them or not, there is something interesting in the salty-sour taste combination, but I haven't decided yet if that's my cup of tea.

Since it's past the middle of this year, I decided to have a look at the January post and see what resolutions I had for this year and what I managed to achieve at this point:

* set up the loom and start weaving - yes, I did that! I even bought a second loom for different purposes,
* knit a shawl for each sabbat of the year - this didn't go so well, I made shawls for Imbolc (Candle Flame shawl) and Ostara (Morning Surf shawl), but then I got very busy and missed Beltaine shawl, which I must go back to. I finished my Midsummer scarf (Scarf for Ally) just in time! ^^
* as for holidays - make my own festive routines to make new happy memories, e.g.: expel the 'evil Christmas' spirit from my life - we will see at Christmas time...
* learn how to spin - I have tried it once, difficult... But now as I have my own drop spindle I'm going to practice a lot, because when I read different blogs I'm so jealous of your own hand spun yarn, guys! *^v^* There is even a possibility that I'm going to have a spinning wheel in August! ^^
* be happy and positive! - I'm trying!
* go out more (I can spend a whole day at home, doing different things and not even looking outside the window, I just have to socialize more!...) - not bad, although I'm still happier on my sofa with knitting and a glass of wine...
* finally knit a whole sweater - not yet, but my Tomato is growing every day!
* learn how to do a funky full make up - I've tried some colours, still to practice
* spend less, save more - I introduced a proper budgeting each month and it seems to work! ^^
* declutter and redecorate our flat - I decluttered a bit, I'm starting a balcony project soon! ^^

Generally, I'm on the right course. *^v^*


  1. I'm in the midst of making the Candle Flame Shawl! :) And what wonderful treats you've posted! I love jelly candies.

  2. mmmmmm jelly candies - the last one sounds interesting - kind of like a margarita drink maybe except that starts out salty and ends sour. And the one you called the anarchy wheels I would have called the Peace Wheel .. LOL

    you are doing great on your resolutions...

  3. Did you find the perfect Norwegian sour jelly?? Want to place a new "order" for any of the flavours? Just let me know :)